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I remember my very first Pre-School dance class (15 years ago) – “Well, this is going to be easy”, I thought, “piece of cake compared to the other classes that I instruct”

Really? I am sure that the children could sense my panic and my realisation that a 3 minute song in Toddler land is like 3 hours!! All of a sudden, there was chaos!  Children were running, parents were talking and I was helplessly waving a ribbon around calling hysterically for the children to copy me. In the end, I was the only one pretending to be the “sunshine”.  To this day, I am convinced that all 15 of those 2 year olds were all laughing at me!

No matter how much I planned, how many songs I sourced (it was a real challenge before the internet), I was never happy with my structure and if I am perfectly honest, it wasn’t a dance class, it was a test to see how many nursery rhymes and props I could use to get to the end of the session alive!

These things aside, I loved the children; this age group are so wonderfully refreshing; like enthusiastic sponges so willing to learn without inhibition, so, my task was to set about creating the perfect pre-school dance session that both boys and girls could enjoy.

So, in the beginning, there was music…….Whilst on holiday, I watched a baby happily bouncing (yes, in time!) to a band, playing a funky euro pop tune.  The baby’s response and the way it used its body to express the music was fascinating; children hear music and they automatically want to move and express themselves to it.

Music is an important part of our lives, it evokes memories and more importantly, can be uplifting creating a happy atmosphere, add some movement and you are on the first step to creating a happy healthy lifestyle.

Chapter 2 coming soon –Fun and funky foundations……

About dancewithdiscoduck

I am the founder and creator of Disco Duck Ltd, an award winning Pre-School teaching licence, designed to develop the foundations of dance and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. Disco Duck consists of a syllabus and bespoke catchy tunes for an engaging and upbeat funky session for both boys and girls - Happy Dancing everyone!
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