Props are priceless xIf young children are interested in a certain activity they will develop a “flow” for this activity and will indeed want to explore it further.

We already have an advantage, as the children who enter our classes, have in some form or another expressed an interest in Dance.  It is now our job to create a class that will develop this interest and make them want to return again and again, to repeat well loved exercises and dances, but also to learn new things within a safe and well organised structure.

Young children are generally engaged in a new activity for around 2-3 minutes, so how do we extend this attention span?  Props are definitely the answer!  Choosing a prop for a dance class, can be a minefield, but, here are a few top tips x

  • Make sure that the prop is age appropriate and safe.
  • Look at the prop and decide how this can generate exercises that are related to dance or sport and will provide an educational learning outcome. For example, bean bags can develop hand to eye co-ordination or when balanced on the head can encourage poise and core strength.
  • Can you use the prop to effectively develop both sides of the body?  Ribbons and scarves are fantastic for this, you can explore many co-ordinated actions;  using them simultaneously, using them in one hand and then the other or, by creating various shapes.
  • Use imagery, upbeat music and  themes to accompany your props so that the  children are thoroughly absorbed in the activity.
  • Have fun and enjoy this fantastic age group!

Happy Dancing everyone! x

Coming soon – Educating the Early Years

The Disco Duck syllabus provides the teacher with a sound basis to develop the very beginnings of dance – take a look

About dancewithdiscoduck

I am the founder and creator of Disco Duck Ltd, an award winning Pre-School teaching licence, designed to develop the foundations of dance and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. Disco Duck consists of a syllabus and bespoke catchy tunes for an engaging and upbeat funky session for both boys and girls - Happy Dancing everyone!
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