My  Disco Duck journey has been exhilarating, exhausting but ultimately rewarding!



We recently put a post out on our Facebook site, asking how it felt when children (or adults) had participated in a Dance session:  “Uplifted!” ; “My daughter says she feels nice!”; “Happy!” and so on.

This is definitely true of the way I feel when I have finished the class!

I will be the first to admit, that I do NOT like mornings, nor, do I like winter! I trudge wearily to the first class of the day … “HELLO DISCO LADY!” A happy smiley face greets me, the class erupts into laughter and so begins our feel good “dose” of Disco Duck.

I leave the class feeling “ready” to continue the day. (Definitely worth a try – Borrow a friends toddler and come along!)

The key to success here for creating a perfect Pre-school class is exercise and education.

Aim to link  fun and engaging dance exercises with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages).

Our goal is to teach children by ensuring challenging and playful opportunities by taking into account specific areas of learning and development, especially looking at the characteristics of active learning, but also taking into account the principles of creativity, playing and exploring.

Whilst developing the Disco Duck programme, I  thoroughly studied the following and then based these findings on dance technique alongside the capabilities of the specific age group that Disco Duck is targeted to:

 Observation of children as they act and interact in planned activities and the realisation that the support of parents/carers can contribute to confidence and capability of completing certain activities
 Careful consideration of development for targeted age groups
 Considering ways to support the child which will strengthen their current learning and development, to include “positive relationships” and “Enabling environments”
 Using the development statements to identify areas in which to challenge, enrich and extend current learning.

Happy Dancing everyone x

Coming soon: story-time success!

The Disco Duck syllabus provides the teacher with a sound basis to develop the very beginnings of dance – take a look

About dancewithdiscoduck

I am the founder and creator of Disco Duck Ltd, an award winning Pre-School teaching licence, designed to develop the foundations of dance and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. Disco Duck consists of a syllabus and bespoke catchy tunes for an engaging and upbeat funky session for both boys and girls - Happy Dancing everyone!
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