Over and over again!

Over and over again!

If you are a parent or work with young children, you will know that they  love routine! They watch the same film over and over, they always choose the same book at bedtime and they love listening/singing to the same song.

Children feel safe and happy when they know what is coming, so, when planning a class for this age group, being consistent in  your structure is the key to a successful session.

Repetition is great for Dance Teachers, as with any sport practicing the same techniques will lead to solid foundations for the future.  So, our task is to do this in a fun way that will engage our pupils but at the same time will develop the learning outcomes that we desire.

So, our most important task in the early stages is creating a dancer who is rhythmical and can always dance in time to the music.  Expressing oneself to the music and using the body effectively with strength and poise is the start of a wonderful dancing journey!

The pupils at Disco Duck are eager to participate in our classes because they know what is going to  happen- the class follows a similar structure and the themes are varied after each half term – each with a different learning outcome based around the foundations of dance.  So, why do we do this?

Children feel confident when they can recall situations, they are happy to perform and love to be praised when they are doing things well – consistency provides a positive outcome for the Early Years x

Coming soon… Let`s talk technique x

The Disco Duck syllabus provides the teacher with a sound basis to develop the very beginnings of dance – take a look

About dancewithdiscoduck

I am the founder and creator of Disco Duck Ltd, an award winning Pre-School teaching licence, designed to develop the foundations of dance and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. Disco Duck consists of a syllabus and bespoke catchy tunes for an engaging and upbeat funky session for both boys and girls - Happy Dancing everyone!
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