A Warm welcome to Nicky Work – launching our award winning Disco Duck dance classes in Australia – we are thrilled to share her thoughts and experiences on owning the Disco Duck licence xnicky wort

Welcome to Disco Duck! How did you find out about the licence?:  I was visiting relatives in England and happened to be at a fete in Welwyn Garden City, I heard the music and was drawn to the Disco Duck stall.  I then watched a demo on the internet and thought – this is me!

What would you consider to be the benefits of owning the Disco Duck licence as opposed to creating your own sessions? Having the hard work of creating engaging sessions  and fantastic branding- already done for you – it is such a bonus to any new Mum when starting a business – one less concern!

How successful has the Disco Duck Licence been for you? I have just started my first classes – they are all full and have a wait list – I am very optimistic!

What are the best things about teaching Pre-School Age Children? I am looking forward to seeing lots of smiling little ducks and parents.

What in your opinion would you consider to be the most challenging things about teaching Pre-School age children? The fact that they are Pre-School children! (LOL) We have to remember that they like familiarity and routine.  New  teacher; new class; new environment equals scary (!) – making them feel safe is my goal.

We wish Nicky every success with her new venture down under and are thrilled that children in Australia will be experiencing Disco Duck dance classes – here is what she had to say after her very first class:

“Loved it Loved it Loved it!!!I am addicted to Disco Ducking!!”

To find out more about Disco Duck Downunder you can contact Nicky at

discoduck@outlook.com.au or disco-duck.co.uk/australia


About dancewithdiscoduck

I am the founder and creator of Disco Duck Ltd, an award winning Pre-School teaching licence, designed to develop the foundations of dance and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for young children. Disco Duck consists of a syllabus and bespoke catchy tunes for an engaging and upbeat funky session for both boys and girls - Happy Dancing everyone!
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